Radio Software Applications

No longer the walkie talkies of old, modern software allows the design of a two way radio system to suit all applications. From tracking to alarm monitoring, job dispatch to lone worker protection, our packages can be designed to suit your need. See the examples below or contact us to discuss your particular requirement.

Capacity Plus from Motorola     
The features you want; the flexibility you need. Capacity Plus expands your MOTOTRBO™ system by enabling you to link up to 12 voice paths and 24 additional dedicated data paths and depending on your needs, accommodates as many as 1200 users. By using a combination of those talk paths, Capacity Plus gives you the flexibility to address the communication needs of your business including voice communication, multiple data applications or a combination of both. While employees continue to use up to 12 talk paths for voice communication, the additional 24 dedicated data paths can be used to enable faster sharing of information such as GPS location coordinates, text messages, telemetry commands and much more.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus is a high capacity, voice and data communication solution that:

• Delivers 5 times* the capacity of an analogue conventional system and up to 3 times* the capacity of an analogue trunking system

• Delivers 2 times* the capacity of a MOTOTRBO digital conventional system

• “Trunks” up to 12 digital voice talk paths

• Allows up to 24 additional dedicated data paths

• Accommodates up to 1200* radios

Integrates both voice and data applications such as GPS-enabled location services, text messaging, telemetry and much more, on the same system

• Offers system-wide calling capability to communicate with all personnel at once

• Supports the MOTOTRBO Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC) utility to help ensure the continuous performance of your system

• Integrates with existing MOTOTRBO systems via a simple, software upgrade


Motorola IP Site Connect
Imagine using your MOTOTRBO™ digital radio to dispatch the nearest road crew to a job site
in another county or to talk to your manufacturing plant across the world. MOTOTRBO IP Site
Connect extends the reach of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system to connect up to 100
people easily and seamlessly, regardless of geography.

IP Site Connect links multiple repeaters over a standard IP network to enhance your coverage.                            
You get uninterrupted voice and data communications without having to change channels – no
matter if your workers are in hilly terrain, a high-rise building or dispersed throughout the county.
Now you can expand the coverage of your MOTOTRBO radio system, quickly and affordably, with
no service or access fees. All you need is an IP connection to extend communication coverage
and keep your workforce better connected , helping them to work more safely and efficiently.
Neocom TrBonet

TRBOnet Enterprise is a professional grade application especially developed for Dispatch centers that monitor large amounts of traffic. It supports digital as well as analog channels that could be helpful for clients during there migration period. Also makes response during emergency situations quick and effective, and can be used to link multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button by the dispatcher. TRBOnet Enterprise is the best for MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, IP SITE CONNECT andCONNECT PLUS.

 Zonith Alarm Monitoring


The ZONITH Alarm Control System is a Windows based software application that intelligently and automatically dispatches emergency and business critical alarms to MOTOTRBO™ radios. ACS +Plus allows people to remotely acknowledge, decline and close alarms using MOTOTRBO™ radios.


The ACS +Plus allows a workforce to receive, read and manage alarms or tasks while on the move - without the need to return to a control room or alarm panel. ACS +Plus automatically selects alarm responders based on availability, location and skill set. ACS +Plus is a fully automated system and is designed to significantly improve the way people work and manage their time.


Direct, Conventional Repeater, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus
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